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Technical details of hearing voices

We know the electronics behind voice to skull thanks to Eleanor White.

Signs of voice to skull harassment

How can you be sure that it’s voice to skull and not a disease?

Protection from voice to skull

Eleanor White has described her attempts to block electronic harassment. She could block certain signals by sleeping in a metal sheet cylinder.
In general only distance can protect you.
Power density distribution
I have also a better map with city names.

Recording voice to skull

Eleanor White has described her attempts to record voice to skull.
8 voice hearers were tested. 1 voice hearer claimed to hear the voices that were recorded.
Eleanor White attempts to record voice to skull 1
Eleanor White attempts to record voice to skull 2

First news stories

The first success was announced at the University of Utah in 1974.
Dr Sharp and Grove were able to hear, identify and distinguish among 9 words by radiating themselves with microwaves. March 1975. “But the hotly debated and unresolved question of how much microwave radiation a human being can safely be exposed to will probably forestall applications within the near future.”

Recent news stories

A US company claims it is ready to build a microwave ray gun able to beam sounds directly into people’s heads. July 4, 2008. “You might see neural damage.”
The Navy can raise the auditory sensation to the “discomfort” level. Start / End Date 11/19/2003 - 05/19/2004.


There are many patents related to voice to skull.

Acoustic heterodyning

Acoustic heterodyning is not the same as voice to skull. Two ultrasound signals are transmitted. One is a pure frequency, the other has the same nominal frequency but it’s frequency modulated by sound. If they strike a solid surface, then the sound becomes audible.
Acoustic heterodyning doesn’t carry through walls. The audible sound seems to come from a small loudspeaker on the wall, person, bird, and so on.
Two commercial versions are HyperSonic Sound and the Acoustic Spotlight.


When you read about electronic harassment, then you will often read something like I experienced neurophone harassment.
They mean: voice to skull harassment.
A neurophone is bone conducting device. It sends waves to the bone, which are then picked up by the nerve of the inner ear.
The original neurophone device was placed behind the ears.
The SwiMP3 is a commercial neurophone device that allows swimmers to listen to music.

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