martedì 31 dicembre 2013

The Navy's, Air Force's and Darpa's Programs to Control Your Mind

Just like a few years ago computer and information technology companies started working on microchip technology, just like DARPA created the Intranet and later the Internet, non-profits surrogate to government agencies such as the Army, Navy and Air Force are now implementing radio frequency technology to effect people's thoughts and behaviors.
The history of mind control begins with Hypnotism. In the 1920's the Harvard Labs started a project for the creation of a "Manchurian candidate". George Esterbrooks, a scientist in the Laboratory, worked along colleagues in a project to implement the idea of submitting a person into a deep state of hypnosis so they could fracture the human personality into two different individuals, one with full knowledge of himself and the environment, and the other with no knowledge whatsoever. Such individuals would be used as super spies in the Soviet Union and Germany. Should an individual get caught he would not be able to remember anything of their true identity.

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