martedì 3 settembre 2013

Dr. John Hall’s book to become movie

When Dr. John Hall wrote the book “A new Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America”, information about the technologies and techniques for remote influencing, where basically unknown to most people. The case of one individual – a woman that Dr. John Hall knew – was used in the book to illustrate the daily horror, harassment and torture that many people in our world today have to experience. These people are the victims of a new form of worldwide terrorism – an endless orgy of abuse and torture; People who could have lived happy healthy existences, but whose lives have been ruthlessly destroyed without warning or a good reason. Worst of all: there is nowhere to run! This world becomes because of this remote technology the victim’s prison: A prison without walls or bars, yet inescapable.
Convincing a large majority of people of a phenomenon that is real but that cannot be seen is a great challenge.  And what societal means can one use to spread a message that cannot be put in words but that only experienced can be fully understood?
You read the headline of this article! Dr. John Hall’s book is going to become a movie.

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